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Eiffel Tower Wedding Cake in Southend Barns, West Sussex

Back in February, when I first received an enquiry about an Eiffel Tower Wedding cake, I was so excited! I love to make bespoke and individual cakes that are special to a bride and groom, so a replica of their place of engagement made entirely of lemon sponge, was right up my street.

A few months later, after meeting with the bride and groom to finalise the details, I set to work... and after several hours of stacking tier upon tier of zesty citrus flavours, freehand carving, smoothing, covering and supporting.. and Eiffel Tower cake was made! I added the decorative details by hand piping swirly patterns over sections of icing, and the cake was complete.

Now just to transport the cake to the Wedding Venue....Southend Barns in Chichester, West Sussex which is at the end of a very bumpy country lane... argh!

I transported the cake in two sections, each in a protective casing, and everything went smoothly. Arriving at Southend Barns with both sections in tact, I set up the cake on its base, added the top section of cake and completed the decorative piping in situ.

I was really pleased with the finished cake and hope that you like it too! I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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