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Wedding Cake Compliments Chichester

Just a quick post to share this BRILLIANT email that I received:

"..With regards to your cake, it was just beautiful, so elegant and classy! It really was so refreshing to find someone who listened to what we had to say and was so committed to designing and creating something personal to us. You absolutely nailed it with the design and it fitted perfectly with our theme.

As for the taste, wow! The sponge was so moist and light and the butter cream and jam combination a real treat. We had so many compliments on the cake from our guests who loved it as much as we did and for that we cant thank you enough....."

(Re: Wedding Cake in Chichester 2012)

Truth be told, hours after delivering a cake I will often find myself wondering: have the couple cut their cake yet? What did they think about the final design? Was it what they had imagined? Has it been eaten? Is everyone enjoying it?

So when I receive feedback like the email above it makes me grin from ear to ear! I know that something I created made my client's Wedding day that

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